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12 years of experience in the production of modular frame saunas and houses.

We use only the highest quality materials.


We offer full service, we provide delivery and installation.

Individual approach from order acceptance to handing over the keys.


Stylish, compact and practical.

THE VIEW SAUNA   2.50 x 6.00m   15m3

  • Size 2.50m x 6m x 3.80m. Sauna width with roof visor - 2.84m.
  • Insulated with stone wool, 10 cm ticknes.
  • Metal roof - trapezoidal profile.
  • Facade - Scandinavian finishing boards. Spruce / pine.
  • Facade paint - Remmers 3 in 1.
  • Ventilation and vapor films.
  • PVC panoramic windows and entrance doors.
  • Inside the sauna - glass door, window.
  • Inside the sauna - tile floor with built-in drainage.
  • Wide sauna beds 70cm.
  • The premises are treated with sauna varnish.
  • Wooden tray for the sauna floor.
  • Electricity, sockets internal and external, lighting internal and external, switchboard, fuses, external connection block.
  • Under and up of sauna beds, 2 levels of lighting.
  • Built-in ventilation (insaid sauna - under the stove, two in the wall; in the hall - two in the wall + PVC opening window.
  • Wall decoration for clinker tiles.
  • Insulated chimney.
  • Everything meets fire safety requirements.
  • The sauna can be used in all seasons.
  • Price: 10.000 EUR *standart stove, fuel from the hall.
  • Price: 10.750 EUR *stove Grill'D Cometa 180 Vega. Firewood is loaded from the inside of the sauna, so you can watch the flame of the fire while enjoying the nice heat at the same time! The Grill’D brand stands out for its unique and beautiful designs of their wood-burning heaters,  wood-burning heaters have hidden and open hearth.

  • Delivery to Riga / Daugavpils and installation is included in the price. Delivery to other areas will be charged separately.
  • Foundations and terrace are not included in the price.
  • Hot water tank for an additional fee.


You are welcome to visit our showroom (Nometņu street 110C, Daugavpils) and see THE VIEW sauna in live.

By calling +371 28 28 61 68 in advance.